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  1. Happy to hear it got worked out!
  2. I think they return my gold back in regards to the issue.
    Thanks for your help
  3. I'm sorry that you've run into an issue. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the event setup. Please contact one of our Customer Support agents to better assist you in the matter :]
  4. Hi flatfoot.
    I'm having trouble with my storybook. I've passed chapter 7 and didn't get enough "prankster favors". When I checked my craft shop I had 4 prankster favors to craft the dragon, so I thought I crafted my dragon, But My game reset and now I log on I only have 3 tokens. Please help me.

    I've also continued on to chapter 8 and skip the craft+hatch prankster dragon using gold. Then I moved to chapter 9. But still didn't get enough prankster token. Please help me.
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