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  1. all done
  2. Please can you remove that post about the Faun. I really really thought I had cancelled that instead of posting. That is why there is a cleaned up similar message. I try not to post when I'm mad.
  3. This should have been patched already. S8 were doing maintenance on the forum and so functions like this were temporarily broken. Is it still an issue today? A PM is a little different. This is a visitor message which means anyone who visits your or my page can read this. A pm is like an email. I'll send you one! You'll see a number next to your name. SW
  4. I'm not sure how to private message. Hope this works. When I post on forum, the options to edit and such disappear, and I have to log off and then log back on to have options to reply to thread or edit. Is this something new? I can deal with it but just wondering what I'm doing wrong. Thanks.
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