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  1. Oh, that is good news! I wish my game would behave! oh well....
  2. Thks, spiritwind for ur help i managed to access ard 2hrs after writing to u for help. I think the system reset. I was playin candy blast to calm my nerve, a reset prompt pop up,my candy blast energy went full &im able to play castle story dn version. I left 1 more round to collect. Skipped my sunday morning class. I cant afford to get caught feelin jittery & also lack of gd sleep ;p Vry happy is the last chapter of my quest..phew...
    this is my profile - on the left is a send PM option.
    I think you just need to persevere. restart your device again, and then just keep clicking your app when it crashes. when it does load, just leave it for a minute before exiting out of the news screen. Good luck.
  4. I only see from ur profile your basic info. Cant find the option to send pm. Im vry lousy on IT. Nvm,i shunt bother u. Think u too playing the quest now. I shall keep on tryin to login. Fyi, during the monster hunt quest,i too hv this login only ard midnight im able to access. Thank you for ur help
  5. You can click on my name and there will be the option for a PM. Or go to my profile...
  6. Can i sent private msg to u? If yes,how do i go abt it
  7. Thanks for ur prompt reply Im using wifi so no issue l,restart my phone. Even clear all data but still unable to login. Earlier,when the new game day started,i was still able to login after couple of times but till nw,im unable to almost 8pm nw here. :"(
  8. Hi. This version just takes up more and more memory to run. Have you tried all the tips and tricks in the bugs sticky post?
    Game Crashing? | Can't log in? | Please read and try these tips before posting
    If you have cellular data, some are reporting they are able to get on that way rather than with wifi. My game won't open at all on my ipad mini.... I feel your frustration! It could also just be the time of day. turn your modem on and off / wifi on and off / device on and off (well, in the opposite order! )
  9. Hi spiritwind,im unable to login to desert night version. The msg given that im nt connected to data. Ive no issue logging to winter version but unable to play anything pertaining to the quest. Pls pls help. Fyi,im on android. Playing on samsung 5. Time is vry limited .
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