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  1. I just realized you are also an old player, need to learn more from you...
  2. No problem... Yea, color is the most important thing right now, at least for me based on my experiences..., and yes, I agree, opponents they threw at us were extremely brutal... I have had 17 loses, 33 loses, and multiple loses before, that was a pain, but can't help, I am addicted to this game... I am grateful that I have smooth sailing several times though... I can only say 'hang in there' when we were on a tournament...
    I think tournaments, tales, events were running actively recently, I didn't know why, but they made me burn out sometimes with those things running consecutively non-stop as we have our real life too.
    Hey, so we are family, lol... Have a great wonderful weekdays.
  3. Thanks for answer, I need to play more attention to colors but those lvl 20 championslots they throw at us are brutal. ..I have a lvl 15 champion (never wins against lvl 20s) warrior king, and a lvl 15 diamond hybrid, diamond and white, wanna say Angel brain freeze lol

    Need to lvl up my fire! been nuts with tales, then events...great for me because I breed a brand new dragons every 3 months or so, bad luck, but planting 20 hrs crops and feeding the tales guys depletes me next tales, unless I luv it, think i am just going for the first one or two. ...

    Btw, Lee used to be my last name Have a great week end!
  4. Hi there, Kat8rose. Yea, I used lower level dragons in some critical rounds, but I did use higher level dragons too... May I know who are they (your two big guys)? Yes, you did... No problem...
    Tell ya, based on my experiences, level doesn't really matter, the most critical and important factor is colour type advantage, that's why using lower level dragons can also win tournaments easily. Good luck, dear.
    *Tell me if there's anything I can help since I just finished it 13 hours ago.
  5. Hi, i noticed in the forum, Dragon story, you are quite successful, and are using lower level dragons. I always wait for my 2 big guys to heal, basically. Did I read it right? Thanks hagwe
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