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  1. That's to bad, Im still getting use to the whole website
  2. Of course I know 310pnut she's my friend but not my neighbor I don't want too many neighbors
    I'll accept your request tomorrow when I get the chance I'm always busy
    Kinda I mean like the new and improved website is okay the only thing that makes me upset is I can't post a video in my group
  3. So how do you like the new and improved website?
  4. My bakery name is melon pop, I use to be in the pop sistas, but I quit. Do you know 310pnut? She's lolly angle, I thought you might know her.
  5. Yes thats me my rating drop down to a 2 cause I'm always busy now what's your bakery name
  6. Hey, are you cupcakes on Bakery Story?
  7. Hey thank you for joining my group Fashion designs and more if you have any ideas you can tell me some I hope you enjoy the group you can make the Group better by posting new threads in my group but you don't half to
    Enjoy the group and day!!!
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