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  1. Nevermind, i found the full specs. It doesnt come with the hose part, thats another $37. Hmmm, have to stew on it.
  2. It's $29.98 to buy in my area. Did you see if it had the hose part too or is it just the head itself? I cant tell
  3. Lowe's. Here, it's on sale online too
  4. Which store was the showerhead at? I just got new pink bath mats to match my pink and red polka dotted shower curtain. A pink showerhead would just be the icing on the cake.
  5. Bugs? Or spiders? I know how much you hate spiders lol!
  6. They're everywhere! Gack!
  7. No one else would probably understand it, but I thought you'd get a laugh lol.
  8. Saw your monday remark in the moderator thread. Good one!
  9. But purplegull is a bit of a mouthful...
  10. Yes, I love it!
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