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  1. I've seen it! Poor snuffy!

    But sharks are cool. They get the munchies sometimes, that's all.
  2. Have you seen the new Shark Week commercial? Look for Snuffy the Seal
  3. I wish lol! I was having issues with my wrist. Finally had surgery, have almost full use again. Really sucks when nothing looks wrong, but you can't do anything with one hand.
    Have fun in Montreal! I was there once - only in the airport to change planes
  4. Hi! You're alive! I figured you were out driving your new car or sitting on that new furniture or something.

    I'm off to Montreal in the morning to go do French stuff. Bonne voyage a moi!
  5. Just want to say hi
  6. Everything ok?
  7. I know, the prices are insane! We have a decent showerhead, but I thought I'd look around anyways. Um, yeah, we can just keep ours.
  8. Thanks anyway but I've been informed by my plumber/stepdad that I need all kinds of stuff to go with it. The parts of my condo i havent renovated yet are still original '80s. So ill check it out in store here. I cant believe the cost of some of the showerheads! 200?! It should wash and dry you then clean the shower after for that amount.
  9. Well, just let me know I think there was only two left in the store I was at, but there's another one next to my kids school. I need to go to that one anyways, so I'll try to look.
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