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  1. Hello.�� so sorry I am just getting your message. I unfortunately don't have any tips on how to get an increase in stamps. I try to do all of my daily quests to receive stamps but you only get those on IOS systems like iPhone or iPad. I do know Lani comes every 4 hours so I've been trying to log in to make sure I get her drop. Also by cooking you can get drops. Those are not guaranteed though. The only way to get gold stamp is from the cruise. I try to save those unless needed for a quest. You can also purchase stamps via value pack or gems. I hope this is some help for you. Please feel free to ask me any questions and I will try to help you!�� Please come visit me and maybe we could be neighbors!
  2. Hi, I read your post regarding how to get turbinado sugar and American butter. We must earn bronze and gold stamp and it is so much hard to do. The earn is only 1 or max 2 stamps. Especially silver is much rare to get. Any tips on how to get more? And do these recipes permanent?
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