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  1. Hi Sweetheart, Apologies for the late reply. To open private messages, log in. If you don?t have any new msg, to open ur mail click, ? Send Private message? under ur profile pic.

    I know the forum is incredibly difficult to navigate! Not to worry, I will send you all the most important links, so you?ll have everything at ur fingertips.
    Tomorrow I?ll send you links in such that you just press & hold to Open, Copy & Paste, etc.
    Here?s the Itinerary for the Goal:

    I?m on an iPad & Copy & Paste Links in my Notes for quick access.

    Plmk if you are able to open your PM. ... See ya at the Bakery! Jolly
  2. Thank you so much for helping me with BS. My bakery is S?ufer. I still cant figure out the forum and messages why there is no exchange lol. My son is going to help me. You're in my daily prayers ❤
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