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  1. Ok. Thanks.
  2. Oh that is strange. Maybe at the time you let the goals pass without realising? Or possibly now you need to purchase them to get the associated goals. They both should then be in the market if you wish to get either of them, although given you're at level 50, you've not needed them I hope they give new items in the tent this year...
  3. That's weird. I'm at level 50. I've never seen a goal for either. That's why I asked.
  4. Hi! No, they are triggered by reaching a game level.
    Ivy's bakery goal line comes up when you reach level 22. The fortune tent is triggered by reaching level 15. Do you need more info on drops?
  5. Hello, Do Ivy's Bakery and the Fortune Tellers Tent ever come up as part of a main goal? I've put off spending gems for them but I'm starting to think that's the only way to get them. Thanks for your expertise and all your help on the various quests. Laurie
  6. Yes - you either buy the box or you buy the fur in the workshop with gems. I've added all known information into the first post of that thread. Thanks!
  7. Is the fiery fox only if you buy the gem box?
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