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  1. If you need help winning the tournaments, there's a very simple way to win every round. I do this for every single battle and I've won every tournament with ease.

    1. Open up the battle screen.
    2. Put your phone/tablet into airplane mode.
    (If you're on an iPhone, simply swipe up and tap
    the airplane. For Android,swipe the top down
    and tap airplane mode.)
    3. Quickly select your animal you want to battle.
    4. Fight your opponent.
    5. If you get a "Critical Hit" take your phone out of
    airplane mode immediately and you're done.
    6. If you lose, close out the game completely by
    closing the app. THEN take your phone off
    airplane mode and repeat until you win.

    I'm sorry if this is confusing! I tried to explain as simply as I could.

    I can provide you with the link with the instructions if you'd like.
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