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  1. You can login into your old games whenever you want. Make sure you have a storm ID and password set up for both devices. Then you can use a game shown in post 1 of the login thread
    and you can login in and move your storm ID and all the games over to your new device. You can also pull your storm ID back to your old device.
    If any device is a kindle fire, you will not be able to do this.
    [iOS & Android] New Login feature in Limited Games!
  2. Hey, Kooky!
    I have a question. Soon i will get a new device and i was wondering if i install the BS and RS to the new device and after a couple of months playing i'm at 55 level for example.. and then i decide to transfer my older games (level 99) from my current phone.. can this happen? Or i have to be at level 1 when i want my old games to be transferred to a new device?
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    Thanks, Kooky!
  4. I can see if I can push this. what is your support ticket number?
  5. Oh... I was hoping they will be able to do that today, i really want to buy the hounted house but there are only 13 hr left.. Is there a possibility they will be able to do that before the limited time?
  6. There is limited support over the weekend. Give a few more days and an agent should be responding to your request.
  7. Hey, Kooky!
    I emailed TeamLava 2 days ago if they can restore my 29 gems, because I accidentally bought the Noodle Poodles from Restaurant story and they didn't reply. I'm really upset about that...
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