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  1. Hey tried to send you a PM. Your box is full!!
  2. Congrats on 4,000 posts!!!!!
  3. You're in the lead!!! Congrats on #1 poster
  4. You're SO CLOSE to 4,000!
  5. oh no problem. I know is it also a pain that yall cannot edit your posts. I would delete some mistakes to keep the post down due to the number of pages restrictions, but I cannot edit on off topic and I hate the GM to do it.
  6. Thanks!!!!!!
  7. I got really confused on the game, so all those posts can be deleted if there's someone who can!
  8. It's ok I just went to the forum games page and saw the rules GM posted there. They should be under rules of conduct too... Oh well !
  9. In the rules games over 50 pages will be closed. I think Gm forgot, but some members posted on the off topic rule page to close all the games, so he saw this and closed them. sorry.
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