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  1. L Hi I am an ios 1.8.2 I actually am having two problems.
    My Get Free Gem Button has only shown once on my main bakery (AbigailGMcl) in the almost four months I have been playing. Very annoying!!! I am playing all my bakery’s from the same device and I am able to get it for all my other bakery’s. I have even deleted the app from my phone and reinstalled it, nothing works.
    However my new issue is a game quitting issue if not resolved at some point. This started about three weeks ago. As I was putting on new food to cook the food I had taken off completely disappeared out of two of my bakery’s as soon as I had taken it off. Now for the past three weeks the only bakery that is making money is the bakery I am logged into at the time and the food is moving very slowly. At this rate the food I am cooking is building everyday and my money is declining. At some point I will run completely out of money as I cannot be logged into all my games at the same time. Thank you for your time..
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