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  1. Gems sales go out randomly to different games at different times.
    Hopefully you will receive one soon.
  2. By the way it's for FS ... My I'd is cpebbles73
  3. I meant to write parents
  4. I haven't had a gem sale for a few weeks I'm really falling behind in my decor and closet.. My parent won't buy me gems unless they are on sale.. Please help.. And let me know why all my friends have gem sales and I don't..
  5. Sorry believed it was deleted��
  6. Can you please bring back the heart table and heart chair, the red & white pretty please
  7. Thank you so much...
  8. I responded on the Home Design thread.
  9. I haven't gotten my Halloween items back yet.. What's going on? PLZ help
  10. The Gem sales go out randomly. I did not have one last week either. Hopefully one will come soon.
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