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  1. Thanks for the Bakery calendar updates.
  2. Are you back yet?
  3. i can only add pictures when someone post them, or when i get to respective goal myself.

    pics posting:
  4. No pictures about new goal? I don't know how to add pictures.
  5. From a neighbor of mine "We always have to dig for our goal prize". She want me to ask you guys to put it to the front.
  6. ah, this one!

    yes, before any coming goal starts, we discuss it here:

    when it's started, we wait until someone will open new thread for it.

    the nearest goals for bakery could start in these dates: (my speculation basing on latest months) - green for 5 days, yellow for 15 days goal:

  7. Bakery Story upcoming goals. Thanks I see one just started the hatchery :-)
  8. Hey sorry, i'm not sure if i understood you right... current goals are those running now, and upcoming are those in future. Which one are you looking for and for which game?
  9. Hi, I searched all night for the display of current upcoming goals. Can I get that link? Thanks
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