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  1. Please fix the juicer. No one is getting drops!!!!!!! We should all get some sort of compensation!!!! I have carpal tunnel etc and all this work is exhausting. I have tons of juice made!!!!
    Leeann aka Lilliepaddd/Mad Hen
  2. I finally expanded only to find out some kind of glitch happened! I cleared the land came back and it?s asking for one more part. The hologram which is the hardest to get!!! What in the world is wrong with this game?

    I have a screenshot but don?t know where to post it.
    Mad Hen. Aka Leeann
  3. Hi. I have been sending deliveries non stop.
    I only have 6/28 holo maps
    But?45/28 charts? 37/28 listings.
    I see a big problem here. I have severe pain in my hands and tennis elbow.
    Please make some changes. I?ve been playing since 2014. I?m getting very weary.
    Leeann. Aka Mad Hen
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