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  1. Makes no sense actually.
  2. I know, its getting REALLY late for holiday content, especially when it's going to be removed this Monday. So sad.
  3. One, that's too early and two, why is it still Holiday content?
  4. Yes I know that! I feel like pinching its cheeks now. Yes, you'll probably thinking I'm weird now.

    Instead, members just posted pics from the blog. I still can't believe the whole holiday content from 2012 will disappear on the 7th. Grr.
  5. Yes, it's blue, but I also changed the "hair" at the top. You can see my old one in my Fun Photos album.

    Very strange. The pop ups are released, but the content isn't...
    I'm finding more TeamLava games. I also think they may be copying games and their app icons as well.
  6. Well, for sure I noticed it because it was blue!!

    2 things:
    -No teasers this week! Hmm..
    -Did you participate on the contest. It's an easy one.
  7. I did. TeamLava wasn't making the game where it wanted me to come back for more. The game was lacking in decorations, monsters, goals, everything was expensive, I couldn't get the monsters I wanted. It was a mess.

    And I did! You're the only one that has said something about it!
  8. Happy "late" New Year!!

    O: You deleted MS? Good choice.

    You changed your profile pic, nice! It's blue!!
  9. Still no Diamonds in Monster and Dragon. Deleted Monster Story.
  10. Oh wow, I just realised that was our last update of the year. Duh! I'm disappointed too, what else is new?
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