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  1. Looks like Maguar moved your information to the current thread.
  2. Hey, I just made this thread:

    Overview of the Castle Update. Figure that it's easier to have everything in one post
  3. Did what I could with the goals and update stuff. Hope I helped. I gtg though, so have a great night!
  4. Leave the RS World Games update thread stickied, its the main thread for WG version.
  5. They are both done

    Have a good night!
  6. I am going to do that actually. Makes things easier, people won't complain about not getting the update yet tomorrow.
  7. I'm starting to think I might want to wait till everybody gets the World Games update on BS before I do the thread... Probably will cause less drama...
  8. K. RS is almost done, then Farm, then BS.
  9. Finished. RS, BS, CS and Farm.

    Have a great night!
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