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  1. Ic3e,
    I completely agree about adults. I know of far to many adults who are completely clueless. Don't feel bad about TL taking your suggestions, they wouldn't take them if they weren't good. I think you should just react humbly and continue to post what YOU want. Other people can post what they like and hope they make it into poll, instead of whining.
  2. Hey mergirl96!

    Thank you so much for sending these kind words to me! They really mean a lot, really I understand that people are angry with me because TL seems to listen to me the most and I truly feel bad for that. I'm delighted you enjoy my suggestions but it still doesn't stop me from making me feel bad. Thank you for your supportive and caring words, once again. You're really nice for doing this, I bet you're an awesome friend in real life!

    Also you friend,

    P.S. Adults just think they have all the power in the world, well I believe in equality in judgement! The use of age in an argument is completely irrelevant and very illogical!
  3. Hi Ic3e,
    I saw the argument between you and anglemama, and I just wanted to say it's sad that you seem to be bullied constantly on the forum. From what I've seen a lot of people choose to pick on you. But don't worry about them. You seem like you're pretty awesome in real life, and I bet you're pretty fashionable too . Honestly I'm perfectly fine if TL likes your suggestions most. I like most your suggestions too. Anyway, I just wanted to post something supportive for you. Stay cool.
    Your Friend,
    P.S. The criticism about age is ridiculous. I'm not that much older than you
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