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  1. Another new habitat really? Why won't they just open the mine with 10 or 20 more spaces? Are you still bugging the team? Many players can buy another 10 habitats but can't place them. Please this is getting ridiculous. The mine hasn't been opened in well over 2 years
  2. You know this sale is really bad for the people who can't place any more habitats right? You guys are loosing sales and really upsetting the customers who actually spend the big bucks on this game. It's why they can't fit anything else in the first place
  3. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that you will keep bringing it up for us. The game is very close now, on android we only need those 2 things for the game to be equal. When I saw fantasy forest story has the album I got excited that dragon story might be next seeing as how close a game they are . I just wanted to add about the mining that they may have added land within this year but the mining land was last added over 2 years ago and many users have been closed off for that long. So maybe when you keep bringing it up to the team you could try for more mining land next? Thank again for everything and let me know
  4. Oh! I'm glad the game runs well on your android device. Unfortunately, the coding is so different from iOS to Android (Androids have so many platforms). We've been asking the design and dev team for games to be the same on iOS and Android for awhile now. I'll keep bringing up these concerns (expansions too) weekly!
  5. Thank you and I do understand. Maybe you could see if you can get the team to add 1 floating island, only another 10 spots? I'm sure that would make people very happy, not just the little bit of land but unlocked and food. Thanks again you seem really nice. Oh anything you can tell me about album anytime soon for android? I see fantasy forest has it now, does that mean dragon story is next? 🤗. Btw I really love the whole ui of the latest update and it runs very well on my android device. Ttyl thanks again

  6. Hi Shar33! It has been discussed among the design team. This year, they opened up the entire upper right big island for expansions, so there might not be new expansions for this year. However, there is a lot of planning that goes into new expansions, and to take in the fact that the more we add to the game, the more older devices will be unable to play.

    I will continue to bring this topic up to the design teams
  7. Hi there. Thanks for responding and I do understand. I'm just curious why it's not considered or being worked on yet? Many users have desperately needed mine opened for a very very long time and plenty of features, events, tales, leader boards dragons, habitats and decor are constantly being done and added, yet nobody over there is talking about land, working on the art and code or even thinking about it? I'm just confused how nobody is doing nothing about this
  8. Hi there! We do share the feedback to the design team, but opening up expansions is not an easy task. There are art assets, testing, and engineering resources involved. I will continue to forward the need for more expansions to the design team. Thank you for sharing!
  9. Hi. Why does nobody from TL respond or even seem to care about the land topic? It's really not fair to the big spenders to have not 1 space to place any of the last 7 habitats. How hard could it possibly be to reopen the mine and get another 20 spots or so, or at least an answer that more is coming or in the works? Do you guys want the big spenders to get to a point where they can't buy anything else? How hard is it to be nice and say something promising about land?
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