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  1. Sorry, no. I haven't designed in a very long time.
  2. any new designs?
    if yes, post on dress luv club!
  3. Yes I am still active
  4. Please post your designs on the group ''Dress luv'' !

  5. Hello!
    Are u still there?

  6. Heyyyy! I'm back! Where's fashion designs and more?

  7. Please give me tips for my hair! Exemple: I need help to do an hairstyle taht will fit with a sari dress... Can you help me please?
  8. Yes it can. The main key is to have earth tones and comfortable looking clothing.
  9. Ic3e, is the boho chic look can be with a tshirt and shorts?
  10. You're welcome. And thank you I hope to see your design soon!
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