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07-15-17, 09:37 AM
Hi everyone,
Here are a few suggestions I have for dream city: metropolis that would hopefully get more players. Please help get this out to Storm 8.

* Social System - Dream City is part of “Social Casual” yet it doesn’t have any in game social system. Like other S8 games, for example Resturant Story 2 or City Story Metro you can name your city, and talk to people on the wall. We already have facebook but that is only for gifting. And people proably wont give out their faceboook to someone they don’t know in real life. Or they might want to keep their Facebook private. Please add neighbors, allow us to name our cities, custom profile pictures, gifting and a wall.
* Levels 30-60 - There are tons of players that love this game are out of things to do. Please add 30 more levels.
* More Events - Please add fun events to Dream City every few weeks.
* More Expansions - Allow us to expand to another island to get more landmarks and points of interest.
* New Points of interest - Please add more points of interest.
* New buildings
add more homes
Landmarks - Hollywood Sign (saying your city name), Syndey opera house etc.
Decorations - Assorted Flower garden, alley, rivers
Add items from the original city story (with a new design) this will help players get familiar to this new game
Clivic Buildings - Baseball Field, Pre School, arcade
Dining - Mexican Restaurant, Italian Restaurant, Chinese restaurant
Shopping - Technology Store, Supermarket, General Store
- Add more high rises
* Game mechanics - Allow us to buy more slots for the buy section of city Exchange.
- Allow to buy a sell parts through the city exchange.
- Allow us to discard individual items through the city exchange.

07-18-17, 07:21 AM
I agree totally with what you are saying I am stuck as I refuse to spend money on a game

10-14-17, 10:48 AM
Please add more land to open, and more land marks