View Full Version : Crowns not saving in KOTH

07-11-17, 04:56 PM

Last night I completed all 5 levels and was at the top 3 separate times. I collected my rewards, but when I clicked the cup to view the leaderboard, I wasn't on it. I was at the bottom with a message that said 'start to play'. I closed and reopened the app but it didn't help. I also did not get 'knocked off' so I couldn't collect any gems. The third time I won, it stuck. However, this happened again just now, the first time I played today. I beat all levels, collected my prizes, but the leaderboard still shows me with one crown (from yesterday). Again no gems. This is so frustrating!

07-12-17, 01:49 PM
Please submit a ticket through the Request Form (https://support.storm8.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). For your issue, please submit with 'Issues/Bugs > Event-related Issue'.