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07-11-17, 06:45 AM
Hello. I play Restaurant Story 2 for over 2 years, and just recently I have finally completed my first cruise! But, I was disappointed 😔 After all of the hard time and work (I don't use Gems to get ahead), The final reward is to get even more work done! It's clearly says "2,000 Gems value" for Uncle Sam. But all i won is waiting for Uncle Sam to pop up in my restaurant very rarely to get from him mustered and ketchup for preparing some dish that wins me a Gem at a time (and to master the dish it only need to prepare 10 times...😪) It takes forever!!! I'm very disappointed, and won't be doing any cruises anymore.

kooky panda
07-11-17, 08:50 AM
37395The 2000 gem value is what you can obtain when you cook the reward recipe since this recipe earns gems.