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06-27-17, 02:15 PM
Here's some suggestions:

- Have more recipes on ovens with 1 or no recipes (like campfire stove or Mina's Cauldron)

- Have the Hot Dog Van sell cooked food and be back after 1-2 days (That way you can not only make some more gold, but have more counter room to place food.

- Increase the expansion by one after level 20 or 25 (that way making it worth getting)

- Increase gold gain from quest and food being sold (It Not fair having the players spend a lot of money on a new recipe)

- The final event reward is awful and unfair (Seriously? Making the players earn the gems twice and barely giving them little time and items to make the recipe and get the gems?)

- Would make sense to use the old ship on the docks for the stamps since the 3 new ingredients are coming from the different country?

- Make a carnival/fair event where you make carnival/fair food for it (I say this because there is a sign with a fairest wheel on it)

06-27-17, 04:04 PM
I want every single cruise ship to have a better final reward. It's not fair how we don't get the earned gems we wanted, but we have to earn it again from our restaurant. Imagine spending some cash in order to get that final reward and you still didn't get it. Either:
-give us the gems when we finish the final day
-give us more special ingredients needed to make the recipe
-have the special guest show up more often
-heck give us more gems each time we finish making the food.

Seriously one gem per making and the person barely shows up to our very crowded restaurant?! HOW IS THAT OR ANYONE EVENT WORTH MY TIME AND MONEY?! I'M NOT MADE OF IT!!!

06-27-17, 09:23 PM
The gem recipes are rewarding on long runs, you get gems from them every time you cook them. If you had won several gem recipes from cruises, you could earn several gems per day. These gem recipes are permanent which means you earn gems for as long as you have your restaurant. :) This means you get to earn back and profit from them. But they don't reward immediately if that's what you're asking for. If you had spent 50 gems to complete your cruise, you can earn back and gain more on the long run. That's why players spent gems to complete their cruise because they know of the profit, and others complete their cruise without spending gems. See the Cruise Guide (https://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?83244-Restaurant-Story-2-Cruise-Guide)for tips and help if you have not. Hope these help.