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06-19-17, 06:51 PM
I prefer to not hear the numbersbeing called, or hearing "are you ready to bingo?!" When I start the game. Though for some reason the sound automatically gets turned back on, and I hear the sound everytime I start-up the game, even though I turned it off the last time I played. It's only an issue with monopoly bingo, because I have Clue Bingo installed and it remembers my settings each time I play, and the sound will remain OFF. And it's not a device issue because I have changed phones and no matter what monopoly bingo starts up with the sound ON.
It's not a huge deal, but it is a little annoying and kinda embarrassing when you are just quietly sitting there then all of a sudden your phone says "ARE YOU READY TO BINGO?!" super loud.

kooky panda
06-20-17, 08:37 AM
Under settings in the game make sure you have both Sound effects and Music turned off.
Also on your device, go to notifications and make sure you have the sound turned off.

06-20-17, 01:15 PM
To add to what kooky panda was saying, in some older versions, we only save changes to the Settings menu after the menu is closed. If the last thing you did before force-closing the game is disable Sound, it won't save. You would have to disable Sound, close the menu first, then close the game.

In our new versions, however, you can force-close the game immediately after changing a setting and have it remember your change.

07-04-17, 01:19 AM
I've turned the sound off, then proceeded to play a couple rounds, then closed out the game and the next time I open app, the sound is back on.