View Full Version : Double/Triple Up Not Counting All Bingos

06-18-17, 01:09 PM
I've noticed that while playing doubled or tripled up, I'm not getting all the bingos counted. It only gives the number of cards that won a bingo. For instance, I'm playing 6 cards. Four cards have bingos, one of them has 3 bingos on it, another has 2. At the end, it only counts 4 bingos, not the 7 it should be. This happens in different rooms, as well as the tournament rooms. It also occurs in the other Bingo games that offer double and triple up.

06-19-17, 11:05 AM
Hi evanety! When it comes to dice, we don't count multiple bingos on a card: either your card was successfully bingoed or it wasn't. However, for cash, we do count multiple bingos. If you happened to get 13 bingos on a single card at 3x, you would earn around 6000 cash.

06-20-17, 07:21 AM
Is there a place that shows how everything is calculated?

06-20-17, 11:45 AM
No, since it's room-dependent. However, for bingos, it's typically 150 cash per win pattern.