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06-12-17, 09:41 PM
Lani's Goals

Lani is back with her limited time goals to reward you with stamps.

Lani's Express Order - 2 days
REWARD: Gold Stamp

Lani's Tasting Menu! - 6 days
Serve Lucky Pie x4
Serve Chicken Alfredo x20
Cook on your Diner Oven
REWARD: 2 Silver Stamps

A Special Menu for Lani! - 6 days
Serve Currant Crusted Chicken x4
Serve Tuna Sandwich x25
Cook on Commercial Oven x12
REWARD: 3 Silver Stamps

06-12-17, 10:10 PM

Did you enjoy this goal? Please vote and feel free to share your constructive feedback. Thank you for your participation! :)

This is a private poll and you can select multiple choices. The poll will close in 10 days.

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06-15-17, 12:44 AM
express order

06-15-17, 02:09 AM
need new stamprecipes for all the stamps....:(

06-15-17, 02:12 AM
need new stamprecipes for all the stamps....:(

In that case I need more food counters lol. :D

06-15-17, 08:08 PM
Hungryres thanks for posting the express goals.

I agree we need some new stamp recipes.

06-16-17, 05:01 PM
I did enjoy these goals much better as the last time which was very demanding on the sugar usage.
I do wish we could get more gold stamps as rewards. I've mastered all my duck egg and turbinado sugar recipes but still need lots of butter.

I'd also like to see more new duck egg and turbinado sugar recipes.

06-17-17, 11:29 AM
I said in poll i didn't participate although i did play one of the goals --the 3 silver stamp goal.
I'm not interested in stamps. I didn't bother with the gold goal. I meant to open it, but then the cruise started and I'd rather go for (repeat) decor than stamps.