View Full Version : Boosts not appearing on cards since update

05-28-17, 10:11 AM
Since updating yesterday, boosts aren't appearing on any cards OR are half displayed OR are putting 2 boosts on top of each other! I wish I hadn't updated. When will this be fixed?

05-30-17, 11:29 AM
Thanks for reporting this, we'll look into it!

05-31-17, 10:47 AM
Please reinstall the game to fix this issue. Before you reinstall, please note down your Support ID. Your Support ID is located in your in-game Settings at the bottom.

05-31-17, 06:07 PM
I am having the same issue, I am not connected with facebook and don,t want to lose my progress. I noted the Support ID number as you said to do. Can you explain in detail what I should do to uninstall it properly without losing my game progress. Guess I'm just afraid to pull the trigger, do it wrong, and lose my progress. Thank you!

05-31-17, 07:45 PM
Connecting to Facebook does not link your progress so logging into Facebook again won't bring your progress back.

You just have to note down your Support ID and I also recommend you take a screenshot of your home screen that shows how many Gems, Tickets, and what Level you're on too. You shouldn't lose progress by reinstalling, but if you experience issues please submit a ticket through the Request Form (https://support.storm8.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).