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03-22-17, 11:32 AM
I tried to also send this directly to Storm8/TL via their new 'Submit a Request' form but it's not working properly! No 'Topics' box is showing and you can't submit a request without it! Please help?! Thank you!

Help! Playing Castle Story and trying to complete goals for the Leprechaun Faery and no Bandits pop out of the farmhouses! It's been 4 days & not one Bandit!! I do not have the money to buy anymore Bandit Traps!! This is not fair!! I've never been able to completely finish any goals because this happens with EVERY challenge posted!! I pay LOTS of money in your games & I SHOULD get at least one of them completed!!! Please fix this issue before this Leprechaun Faery challenge is gone! AND I don't wanna hear it's the luck of the 'Draw' either!! This goes on with ALL challenges!! The 'monsters' become nonexistent during my game play for goals!!

03-22-17, 07:09 PM
Support: There are instructions and links in the Hub if you need them for another time. Support won't be able to assist you with this particular issue though.

sorry to hear you're also have a hard time with the bandit. I'm going to check your board for you (you can delete the invite).

The good news is you don't have any other monsters on your board. The (sort of) bad news is that 3 farmhouses aren't enough. If I were you, I'd put more farmhouses out. If you are at your limit and the game tells you that you can't buy/build any more farmhouses, then I'd suggest you sell a couple of Level 1 cottages. I'd aim for around 6-8 farmhouses, but more is better if possible. You need to increase the likelihood of spawning and that only comes with having more farmhouses out on your board. Good luck...

03-24-17, 04:02 PM
I wondered about that... thanks hun!
BTW... I accept all invites ��