View Full Version : MAJOR Problem in Level 657

03-19-17, 05:53 AM
Playing Jewel Mania on my wife's iPad, I encountered a MAJOR problem.

I previously posted that at these higher levels the indication of the level of dirt reached is incorrect. This is very much the case with this level; all through it was wrong. Then I got to the very end, where I should have got the goal achieved message, but did not. Instead of 15/15 it indicated 11/15, and I got three stars, but got the you did not dig deep enough message, and the game ended.

You guys have a major problem with your programming, which should be fixed!

Please don't ask me for additional information, as I don't have any more, except that I did extinguish all the fires.

03-19-17, 04:43 PM
It turns out that I do have some additional info for you guys.

On a subsequent attempt, I got to the end, with all of the dirt cleared, and the level count showed 13/15. However, even though all of the dirt was cleared, the game was not indicated as completed. This was, I think, because there was still one fire left, on level 14. Fortunately, I had one move left, with a bomb and blaster combination that blew it to completion.

The logic is obviously screwed up, checking for fires on a digging level