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03-13-17, 09:31 AM
Did the event get turned off early? The Serene Circle is not able to be used and I can't chop the trees from the event. Really annoyed because I have 5 trees and just did a 25 gem boost only to learn I can't chop as planned.

03-13-17, 09:39 AM
Same here. Happened the previous event as well. Items reverted back to deco before the event was finished. The issue was solved pretty quickly so we'll just have to wait for someone from storm8 to read this thread. :)

03-13-17, 10:34 AM
Just bought a cherry tree and am unable to chop it down. Countdown clock says there is a little less than 5-1/2 hrs left to go in the event.

03-13-17, 10:36 AM
I checked out these items and I'm able to continue getting points for them.

Are you still unable to collect from your Serene Circle or chop the Cherry Blossom Tree? If you are, please post a screenshot of your items with no option to collect from it or chop it down.

03-13-17, 10:50 AM
I have the same problem. Bought extra cherry trees andused an energy box but cannot chop them. Being this close to the end of an event makes it especially discouraging, Please help! I am not sure how to post a screen shot here but when I tap on my tree it lights up but my ruler will not go to it nor will I get the usual indicators for chopping.

03-13-17, 10:53 AM
Cherry Blossom Tree was inactive when I bought Knight's Nobility :mad:

https://forums.storm8.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=36225&d=1489427537 (https://forums.storm8.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=36225&d=1489427537)


03-13-17, 11:03 AM

Still with trouble

03-13-17, 11:05 AM
I'm having the same problem as well. It happened during the last event also.

03-13-17, 11:14 AM
Same with the Serene Circle.

03-13-17, 11:16 AM
We'll look into this right away, thanks.

03-13-17, 11:27 AM
I bought the squires strength and can't collect from the circle. Cost me 30 points so far. I would have sped it up and collected again in the last 4 hours.

03-13-17, 11:33 AM
This has been fixed, please force close your game and check your Serene Circle and Cherry Blossom Tree.

03-13-17, 12:05 PM
It works again, thank you!

03-13-17, 01:27 PM
Thank you for your help!

03-13-17, 04:20 PM
Thank you for your help!

I lost my post that I put up a while ago and I placed her on the board and she disappeared and she is not on my inventory either . I came in 2nd I haven't got the dragon yet either maybe that comes later.

03-13-17, 04:36 PM
So I'm a bit peeved at the moment. Bought a cherry tree earlier and was unable to chop it down because someone changed it to a decoration before the event ended. Then for the last 15-20 minutes of the event the game kept going in and out so I was unable to use the energy I had purchased so I could cut down the trees from the Baron, as well as the one I bought earlier. Missed out on cutting 1 tree down and just missed 1st place by 40 points. What a load of garbage! I want my gems back!!!

03-13-17, 06:08 PM
I got the satyr at the end, and the game glitched and she disappeared. Got her again, placed her on my board, but went back a few hours later and she's gone again. Where should I report this?

03-13-17, 06:41 PM
I wanna know why only certain players got 5 free cherry trees in the last hour or so & others didn't???? That's a100 gem gift & 1200 extra points if using the boost!!