View Full Version : Programming Suggestion for the Design box

03-07-17, 01:19 PM
Have the program mark my location when I select an item to place in my bakery. Once place return me to where I was so I may place the next item instead of taking me back to the first screen of the category. If it is not a programing possibility to remember where I was, make the bar scroll like the gift selection bar does, so I don't have to tap on the arrow 100 or more times to get back to where I was to add the next same item.

This suggestion would be a win-win as users collect hundreds of items in various categories it can take hours to redecorate if our special purchases can no longer be purchased because we have to go back to the beginning of a category after each placement and tap through the many screens again. (I count each time I place an item to see how long I have to tap to get back there again, I am over 100 taps for many of them) Eventually we won't want to purchase gems to get those special boxes and items = Revenue loss for Storm8

03-27-19, 06:27 AM
I think this is a bug, if not then it?s a terrible design choice for the game. When I try to place items without a price (retired items or items that I obtained through mastering part collections), I can place it but then I?m sent back to first page of whatever items I?m looking at. It?s super frustrating and it?s been this way for years.

If it can?t be fixed where players don?t keep getting kicked back to the first page in the store, would it be possible to have an ?inventory? type tab that holds all the stuff we own so at least we don?t have to scroll through so many pages?