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03-05-17, 09:15 AM
Hi guys

Just curious how many of us finished the goal. I scrapped through but for the first time in a long time, in fact, the only time where I spent gems to finish the quest, stayed up late like 2.30 am to make sure I got the frog :)

Either my calculations were way off or the spawning rate was really off.

03-05-17, 09:29 AM
I had one busy day at work with no chance of logging in and one afternoon off with Mr Zirilka. Other than that I was faithfully glued to my iPad for the whole duration of the event.

In the end I managed to get the kitty and upgrade the pond but I was 250 lilies short to get the frog. I refused to gem through in order not to encourage future events like this in the future.

03-05-17, 09:33 AM
No - and I spent gems as well. These last two competitions were the first ever since I've been playing I haven't been able to finish. Hopefully the next one will be more reasonable.

ETA: I did get the cat, though.

03-05-17, 11:02 AM
Me too ! Had to pay gems to complete frog goal--- since they let half their staff go I am very nervous spending money on these games anymore --- but he was a cute frog so I took the risk

03-05-17, 12:13 PM
I was wondering about this too given the posts. Do you mind Cyn if I add a poll to this thread? It will only be a yes/no one....

03-05-17, 01:05 PM
I did finish it, with a little time to spare. I used 1 gem to speed up the pond before an upgrade.
But.... I happened to have loads of time to play this one, and I had better than average luck with the beastling spawn rate. Especially after completing the pond.

For feedback purposes: The prizes are very attractive, beautiful artwork! But....(there's always a but) they are too big and are a bit of a disappointment, being deco only. (Unfortunately at level 50, coin only buildings are definitely just deco)
And although I personally didn't have a problem with cattails, I do think the spawn rate was far too low for buildings with long timers and limits of 1 (Ivy) and 2 (sparkling mines).

03-05-17, 01:40 PM
i love you SW , no i dont mind lol.

03-05-17, 02:52 PM
Yes, I finished. Had time and luck. Got the frog and 2 swamp kitties.

03-05-17, 03:55 PM
Like others got the kitty but not the frog despite using gems and lots of time to get the pond to level 9 didn't get it to level 10 either twas disappointed as there was a cute storyline for this so wanted to see how it all turned out

03-05-17, 04:25 PM
No, I didn't get the frog and was only able to get the pond/swamp to level 9. I did get a kitty though.

03-05-17, 04:37 PM
I finished, but I had use gems to get the last cattail to get pond to level 10 and I had to use some gems to speed up the last few pond collections. All in all a frustrating event

03-05-17, 04:57 PM
I finished both. Got the kitty and the frog. But spent gems on several traps to do so and brought my iPad to work to try to keep up with pond, mine, and ivy's house collections, something I shouldn't have to do. Quests shouldn't be near impossible for those of us at Level 50, let alone those at lower levels with less resources. And there should be variety with each level, and prizes that are worthy of the effort put into getting them. The artwork is beautiful and I loved the Louisiana theme to this last one.

03-05-17, 05:12 PM
Yes I got the frog, pond to level 10, and managed to get 2 kitties. I did use a few gems to speed up some of the time.

03-05-17, 06:09 PM
please vote with info on whether or not you finished the event and received the Frog prince.

03-05-17, 06:57 PM
Didn't get the frog or the pond to level 10. Very slow start with lack of beastlings. Used up 10 deep cave formations from inventory early on and replaced the gold nuggets used. I made the assessment several days before the end that there was no way to get the frog. Even though I was regularly collecting from ponds, at that point I would need 149 more pond water. And 110 pond stones. Energy not a problem, but the time needed was more than I was willing to spend. I sometimes play during the night when I can't sleep, but no way am I going to set an alarm.
I've been playing for 4 years and this is the first event that I wanted to finish and was unable to. Since the beastlings were a bit better toward the end, I did end up getting 3 swamp kitties. I chose them over upgrading pond from 8 to 9. They look and drop the same. But mine is now in storage. As is the Wisteria Mansion and carriage. Too big for a crowded kingdom.

03-05-17, 07:56 PM
I only got the frog because I paid for it there was no way I would have been able to upgrade the pond to 10 even though I play constantly....the spawn rates of those cats was rediculious as well as pond stones and pond water. I had 4 ponds to start with and a few days before the end I bought 6 more....if I didn't love frogs so much and want it I would not have tried so hard....the biggest reason I fail so much at these missions or goals or whatever is the super low spawn rate which is not cool...I really like this game but I wish I would have found it years ago instead of 8 or months ago cause I missed so much good stuff....love shack....monster hunts which I have heard of but never tried are they only 1ce a year? I thought they happened more often....it seems like we do the same thing every week and I read such good ideas from people to make game more fun but I guess noons is listening.....can anyone tell me if there are anyfu. Similar games to this one I should check out? A long time ago I played pioneer trail on Facebook and it was similar by zynga but one day it disappeared and so far this is the closet game I could find to that..anyways thanks to the person who started this I know many players had similar issues with this and other quests

03-05-17, 07:59 PM
I didn't get the frog prince, I got one swamp kitty and only got my pond to level 8, I thought I'd managed to level it to 9 but nope I was mistaking... just level 8. I only collected 660ish lillies and that was just before the event timed out so I would never have made the jump to 1,500 lillies for the frog prince. I didn't use gems.

Also, I forgot to mention, I play fairly regularly through out the day but I won't set alarms and I won't wake up during the night to collect etc, I used to do those things but not anymore.... this is a game and I should be able to enjoy it in a reasonable fashion and still be able to succeed with events and goals.

03-05-17, 08:12 PM
No. Neither frog or level 10 pond. I did spend some gems purchasing 4 dark caves as they gave a better drop on stone. but still didnt get anywhere near enough of anything.
The spawn rate of kitties was awful and i actually had 4 days of no kitty spawn at all.

03-05-17, 08:33 PM
I was wondering about this too given the posts. Do you mind Cyn if I add a poll to this thread? It will only be a yes/no one....

Maybe you can also add if you had to spend gems to complete the quest. This is what I was curious about because as I said before, this was the first quest I had to, in order to complete it. :)

03-05-17, 08:58 PM
No didn't get the frog or Lvl 10 pond. It's really sad. I'm Lvl 50 and having just Ivy's hut and Sparkling Mines as the only 2 things to get Cattails was ridiculous! I was very busy and didn't have the time to sit and constantly play. I set a timer but there were many times I wasn't able to play. These last 2 goals with the limited time ways to get things was crazy! And it always the same thing....everything takes tons of energy. I'm very disappointed. I love this game but TL you need to go back to better was to collect th things needed to complete these goals.

03-05-17, 09:33 PM
NO!! Failed to get the frog because of low beastling spawn rate.:(

03-05-17, 09:45 PM
I got 2 kitties fully upgraded pond and the frog .I used about 50 gems and bought the Value Pack I enjoyed this event I liked the anticipation of waiting to click on Ivy's hut and the mines to see if we would the kitty or a dire bore.i do work full time and during the day i can only can play on my on my 30 min lunch yes it can be frustrating at times but for me Castle Story is just a game I thoroughly enjoy.

03-05-17, 09:49 PM
I gave up after getting the lily pond to level 7. I play regularly, but not during work hours. I was able to craft the kitty and I felt triumphant to be able to get that accomplished. I did the math and just knew, with the dismal spawn rate coupled with my inability to babysit the game, that this quest was just not going to be completed. I'm not bitter about how it all turned out. It's very disappointing though. No continuation of the main story line...just coin dropping HUGE deco and lots of chopped rocks and pond water.

I used to buy gems regularly... I haven't bought in months because of the ridiculous quests. Yes, I know we can choose to do them or not, just as we can do what we like about gems. The current version of the game is not what attracted me to it in the first place, and I shall not buy gems in the future. I refuse to let the developers take my hard earned cash for mindless, and in my opinion, rigged quests that require either gems or constant babysitting. Real life is hard enough...games such as this one shouldn't feel like work. It should be challenging, yet provide entertainment and relaxation...both attributes have been lacking for a long time. To those who finished the event I believe you should have bought a lottery ticket because that might have been your lucky day! :)

03-05-17, 09:51 PM
Maybe you can also add if you had to spend gems to complete the quest. This is what I was curious about because as I said before, this was the first quest I had to, in order to complete it. :)
Yes it would be interesting, but I can't amend a poll once it's live. Maybe next time ;) using gems is subjective though as some players just like using gems, others are impatient to finish for loads of different reasons (me included;)) and some used gems to no avail. I get the sense more players didn't finish this goal so I'm quite interested in the results.

If you're a 'guest' reading this thread (firstly hello!;)) and you do have a login, please feel free to vote. We would love to hear from you!

Players can add the gem info in their posts though as a 1-liner.

03-05-17, 11:42 PM
I got the pond to level 10, the frog and three kittys, spent about 100 gems to speed up mines but only when the timer got low and it only cost 2 gems and one extra trap because I wanted three. Found the event really easy because the totals were so low even with the rare spawn rate, we still only needed 20 catstails not like the yeti and thr polar bear which had easier spawn rates but you needed lots of drops. Bit disappointed with the drops from the main prizes but the artwork is great.

03-06-17, 12:06 AM
No I didn't get the frog either. Wasn't going to spend more gems as the last challenge wiped me out of gold nuggets. Lot of these challenges you have to be able to play all day. Time difference doesn't help when you are on the other side of the world either

03-06-17, 12:58 AM
I didn't get the Frog and only have my Pond upgrade to lv8. The spawn rate of Beastling is absolutely horrible. I've got all the materials need for upgrade the pond to Lv9 and Lv10 except the Cattails.

I did get the kitty though, and I'm glad I did get it instead of using the precious Cattails to upgrade the Pond to lv9. But what upsetting me the most is the Gold Nuggets that I've spent for the quest but ended up unable to complete it despite playing regularly :(

And yes I did spend a few gems at some points but then stop after realize how inefficient it is to spend so much given the prizes aren't that amazing (not about how pretty they are).

03-06-17, 01:06 AM
No, I didn't got the frog, not because of the beastlings (made 5 kitties from the left overs). I played much, but I didn't had enough energy to get the pondstones to upgrade my pond.
With less then 6 days to go, first 5 stones to bring me to level 6 took 105 energy, that was the point I decided to stop with the rocks.
I wish the pond at least dropped water at this level, so I could give it a place iso another pond for some variation. Now it is in storage, no room for only coingivers. 😦

03-06-17, 02:41 AM
sadly, I don't have the time to commit to an event like this. seems one needs to tend it more often than my casual playing self can afford.
I gave up on the event at about level 4 pond.

03-06-17, 03:23 AM
I finished, but bought some traps because everything was on track except the beastling spawn rate.

03-06-17, 03:41 AM
I got the frog but it cost me about 22 gems at the end....however I started two days late because I had so much work to catch up on I needed a break from CS. Lo and behold the event started Tuesday instead of Thursday ��

I have to say that halfway through I found this event particularly loathsome. An entire outcropping dropped two pond stones.....seriously?? Even with a herd of alicorns it was irritating ��

03-06-17, 04:58 AM
I didn't get the frog prince, found that the swamp kitty spawn rate was really low and only really on Ivy's Hut and that wasn't even every time! Which was frustrating. I had one full day away from the game, but I think even if I'd had that day it still would have been challenging! I didn't, for once, spend any gems on this event and it was a lot harder to get through!

03-06-17, 05:26 AM
I got to the frog, but being away from the game 2 afternoons and 1 evening.. I knew I would have had to catch up with the use of gems. Timed events are no longer 'leisure play'.. you have to continuously check/play the game or else you can't possibly reach the end in time. Every hour counts.
Spawning rates of the kitties from the Mines were extra, extra low, so no chance of finishing if you could not check each and every time they were ready. Collecting only from Ivy's Hut was not enough.
What could have been offered.. was the possibility of spawning from the Deep Mines as well. This would have helped the situation for many players.

03-06-17, 05:41 AM
I didn't finish the event and haven't logged in for about 4 days now. Considering deleting the game till they get their act together. These tedious events have had mediocre prizes and are more and more geared toward gem users. I stopped buying gems months ago due to their change in tactics and really have no desire to collect from another 7000 rocky outcroppings

03-06-17, 06:19 AM
I stopped somewhere after upgrade 7 on the pond, just didn't feel like continuing

03-06-17, 06:42 AM
I got the frog and the pond to level 10 as well as the side mission goal prizes, however, I also used gems. Even with the gems I spent, this event was grueling! Disappointing that they are just coins and decoration and wish they would change that since this was a very difficult one to complete. I feel like one of the prizes should drop energy and wisp lanterns. Lol at the least

03-06-17, 07:06 AM
I got the pond to level 9, and didn't get enough lilies for the frog.

I'm really diappointed that my pond only gives coins. I would have kept it out if it gave water as I like having water features. Now banished to storage.

03-06-17, 07:11 AM
Nowhere near getting the frog, and I ignored the kitty in favour of upgrading the pond.
I got the pond to Level 10 just before the end of the event, but had to spend gems because I made a miscalculation of the cattails and ended up 4 short. I decided it was worth 40 gems, as it was the one thing I really wanted from the event, but for some reason it only cost me 10. (Perhaps I should not be disclosing that!!)

03-06-17, 07:50 AM
I got the frog, but used gems otherwise I probably wouldn't have finished. I'm finding the new quests require a lot of time to complete. I understand that S8 is a business and needs to make money but I think they are loosing players that don't have the time and don't want to spend gems on every quest. A fun quest without the stress and interesting items would generate more income. IMO if course. :/. Maybe that should be added to the poll...yes I finished but I also used gems :p

03-06-17, 09:03 AM
I was able to get the frog & upgrade my lily pond to level 10. First thing I did was craft a kitty, then I focussed on upgrading the pond.

Didn't use any gems, only to get the rest of the cattails for another kitty 15 min. before the event ended. BUT I was able to check my game often (5/6 times a day) since I was sick most of the duration of the event. And I think I had a little luck spawning 3 to 4 beastlings a day.

03-06-17, 10:00 AM
I didn't get the Frog, I only bothered to upgrade the pond to level 7 and I ended up with just 1150 lilies. I just wasn't prepared to mindlessly bash rocks again and again for a one in six chance of getting a pond stone. I also wasn't prepared to use gems to buy any Dark Cave Formations to guarantee getting pond stones at each bash, or else to hurry up collections. I refuse to use or buy gems to complete events that only give out useless decorations. I have bought and used gems in the past to complete events that gave out worthwhile crafting or resource buildings, such as the Haunted Stable and the Haunted Keep. Thank you again to all the players who do gem ahead during these events and then post up details for the rest of us on the forum to read.

I had no trouble getting swamp beastlings to spawn, I ended up with enough cattails for four Swamp Kittys. I've kept two out as gate guardians for the Glimmergate, as they still give useful drops. The level 7 pond has gone straight into inventory - like all the other useless quest items.

Honestly Storm8, 4 trees or a silly frog as the grand prizes in a community event is not very inspiring! These timed events seem these days to all follow the same old boring formula, with lots and lots of chopping trees or breaking stones, and using up scarce resources such as Gold Nuggets to progress each time. Using items with long timers for random drops each time is very frustrating for everyone. Please can we have something a bit more more creative and different for the next event S8?

03-06-17, 10:57 AM
I did not get the frog. Toward the end I debated upgrading the pond or getting the kitty. I got the kitty. I was short on cattails. My spawn rate was not good. Only used gems for the one trap and got them back when I finished the side goal. I played all the time, but still fell short.

03-06-17, 12:04 PM
I was able to get the frog & upgrade my lily pond to level 10. First thing I did was craft a kitty, then I focussed on upgrading the pond.

Didn't use any gems, only to get the rest of the cattails for another kitty 15 min. before the event ended. BUT I was able to check my game often (5/6 times a day) since I was sick most of the duration of the event. And I think I had a little luck spawning 3 to 4 beastlings a day.

Good for you :) my beastling showed up max 2/3 times a day so leveling up the pond was really hard :(

I did use plenty of dark formations as I had 45 of them in the inventory from adventures though

03-06-17, 02:44 PM
I did not even start this event.

After the last few events where we got some neat useful things (that didn't advance the story) and some not-so-neat less useful things (that also did not advance the story) I decided that I would draw the line on events like this. I will likely still do "holiday" based events because I enjoy themed decor (especially Halloween and Christmas stuff!) but for just random animals, wanderers or decorations, I am not going to bother.

Don't get me wrong, I am not slighting those who want every possible item the game has to offer (and even two of some!). Good for you! I just want to play this game to relax, chat with neighbors, get the occasional "kewl" item and play it when I want to play it, not when I NEED to play it. Once I decided that, things became much more relaxed for me and I got a bit of the old enjoyment out of the game again.

I have been happy with the fact that I have been able to finish every single quest, community event and storybook without ever having to pay for gems. Not that I don't use gems to speed up the occasional collection, but I have a really hard time paying for a free game just to get fluff (again, not judging, I have PLENTY of "vices" that I pay for that I shouldn't, just paying for free games does not happen to be one). That is not to say I would NEVER pay for gems, I just have not found anything compelling enough to get me to do so.

Anywho, I did not even start this event... and I feel OK about that. If the next event happens to offer something wicked cool or advances the story, I will do it, but for now I'm just happy maintainin' my kingdom.

03-06-17, 02:59 PM
So far more people didn't finish than did. I wonder how that compares with past challenges?

03-06-17, 07:53 PM
Spirit Wind,
Wasn't sure where to post this but the swamp kitty also drops the regular fish, rat tail, and/or creep tooth. These need to be added to the posted drops.

(thanks, I will add them. ;) SW)

03-06-17, 11:38 PM
First time in years I wasn't able to finish a community event because I couldn't.... due to lack of Beastling. So....NO!!! Didn't get the frog.

03-06-17, 11:52 PM
Got the frog but it cost me about 50 gems.

As someone else said it would be interesting to see if how many people got it spending zero gems :-)

it looks like just terraranomi did it so far - well done!

03-07-17, 12:44 AM
So far the only person that finished and didn't use gems, spawned 3-4 beastlings a day. Everyone else used gems to finish (I'm counting those that gem through on purpose because the reports indicate they most likely would have had to use gems to finish)

These results will not make a loyal customer base.

03-07-17, 12:54 AM
Spirit Wind,
not sure where to put my vote on the poll.. haven't voted yet for that reason.
my answer is.. "yes I got the frog, but with help of gems"
would that be a 'yes' or 'no' answer?

03-07-17, 02:02 AM
Spirit Wind,
not sure where to put my vote on the poll.. haven't voted yet for that reason.
my answer is.. "yes I got the frog, but with help of gems"
would that be a 'yes' or 'no' answer?
I'm like you, and I chose Yes (bc of how I worded the question). I also used gems to speed up the pond on the night before the event ended, as on Sunday I was going to be away from home all day and device free. If I was going to be home, I could have scraped through I think with not spending any gems, but it would have been *really* close. I did some calculations on Thursday about how many times I had to collect before event end to get the frog and it was going to be quite a few! I did however choose to spend a few gems on cattails to craft a kitty. I like the drops of the kitty so for me it was worth it to spend some gems. [Plus, how can I fill in all of the information about the goals if I don't do all of the goals myself! :)]

03-07-17, 06:32 AM
I really wanted the beautiful level 10 pond but didn't get that or the frog. I only got one cat beastling a day usually, and I play every waking moment and used gems to speed the mines up sometimes.
The lack of cattails was the issue for me.
That ended up being a long, stressful, depressing event...

03-07-17, 07:31 AM
Yes, I was able to finish in time with 3 kitties, a lv 10 lilli pond and a little bit over 1500 water lillies and I didn't spend a gem on this event (not enough to buy the trap)

03-07-17, 08:44 AM
yes i got the frog and the kitty and the pond to lvl 10 but bought 4 traps from a special offer

03-07-17, 09:03 AM
Yes, I got the frog. *But*, I had to buy 2 of the side offers to get it. He was too cute and funny to resist. :p

I wasn't able to upgrade the pond to level 10, because when I did get spawned beastling kitties they only dropped 3 cattails at a time. I lost enthusiasm after chopping countless rocks, collecting buckets of water, and rarely seeing a beastling. Gave up on the pond at level 8 since I didn't have the time to check the game more than every 4 hours or so.

Love my froggie, though!

03-07-17, 09:49 AM
yes, got both the frog and the kitty. Leveled the pond to 10. BUT I had to spend gems to get it done. And I played every day. Set timers for pond collections. It was basic spawning rates that got me the most.

I love Castle Story I don't know what I would do without it. Maybe get some real work done I guess....

03-07-17, 10:17 AM
No. Seldom able to finish any of the timed challenges. I DO make efforts at the beginning of the timed challenges, but it becomes evident rather quickly that completion will not be possible and that the challenges are designed to empty my reserves and gems. I do play and complete the untimed challenges when they are available. I don't play computer games when I'm at work. To me, that just wouldn't be appropriate or honest - so perhaps this is the reason I'm unable to complete the challenges. It appears that a minority of you ARE able to complete, but by using real $$ or extensive gems. This game is getting easier and easier to set aside and not play for weeks or months at a time -- probably not Storm8's intention, but truth.

03-07-17, 11:22 AM
Lost interest when beastlings weren't showing up...I've been playing for a few years now but after this last quest I just haven't even been checking the game. I stopped playing dragon story and a few others for the same issue. Oh...and another problem was that the game crashed a few times. I could play all of my other internet games but this one said I had no access?!?

03-07-17, 06:07 PM
No!! 😡

First time since playing I didn't finish ... even though I spent gems!! (Which I never did for an event before either)

Pond was at LVL 9

Really annoyed because all I wanted from this event was the Wisteria House.

Pretty unhappy about the direction the game has gone ... Kinda feels like the game I was playing has finished.

My kingdom is looking pretty great and full , so with no more expansions or storyline there's nothing left for me.

No more money from me anymore Storm8.

03-07-17, 09:06 PM
No. I didn't get it. Threw in the towel about midway. Entirely too sick of buying and chopping rocks for an avg of one pond stone per five chops at best. Had a semi okay time with beastlings. At least their drops were a decent number of cattails.

03-08-17, 01:36 AM
No frog for me just a kitty in spite of spending lots of time and gems I'm feeling rather disheartened with the quests

03-11-17, 02:33 AM
Nope, not even close. Not even attempting this one. Don't care for the timed events at all.

03-11-17, 02:36 AM
I got the triple, the frog, kitty and fully upgraded the lily pond. I have while during our current event the Spring Faire been visiting those on my leaderboard. And noticed, many level 9 lily ponds not seen any kitty's but 1 frog. Grant you they're both small but I tend to notice the latest items as I look for those to see who is a big player etc and while updating my current playing neighbours list. I've also noticed strangely enough tons of jousting steeds from the last event so I know these guys can finish these events. So it does suggest to me that something was off!

03-11-17, 11:31 PM
I have been playing this game daily for what... about 3 years now (!!!) I have only lost one event.
I normally dont use gems to finish an event, but this time I used a lot of gems (about 200 I think) to get the frog and the pond to level 10, but still no kitten.
The spawn rate was terrible and only two places to go. Normally you can buy more / build more to get a higher chance, but not this time.
The last 16h I used gems every 30 min to get the things I needed.
I am dissapointed about the pond lev 10 just beeing a normal pond and the building is only coin giving.
All deco things is going on stock - and the same is happend with these two things. I haven't got the room for it.
So I am sorry that I spend the gems to finish this event of.

I also miss the STORY in this game...
It has turned to bee Castle Casino instead of Castle Story.

03-11-17, 11:58 PM
no frog prince neither :(
couldn't upgrade the pond to level 10 , only reached level 9 :(

03-13-17, 01:56 AM
I got here too late for the poll, but add me to the list who didn't make it. I went on holiday and the hotel WiFi was poor. I could log in on my phone, but realised that the amount of babysitting that game required would spoil my break, so I quit. Logged in a few times to do routine stuff - I've nearly reached my target of getting fully up to date with actual storyline.

My main concern was that I'd missed the chance to help Ivy find love. But if the frog remained a frog, I guess he's not her one true love.

The good bit is that I also missed most of the silly leaderboard thing that's happening now too. So spared any desire to do that!

03-14-17, 05:01 PM
I got the frog but only because I used an iTunes gift card to buy a value pack. I also managed to get a cat. But I only managed to get the pond to level 9 so couldn't finish the side quests.

03-14-17, 05:18 PM
I got all the stuff but only because I used gems and in-app purchases. I somehow hoped the frog would give gold stuff like nuggets, golden apples and golden eggs.

03-16-17, 04:01 PM
I didn't get the frog, which was okay because I didn't really want him (or the kitty) anyway. I got the pond maxed out and that was all I really cared about because it was the prettiest, but I barely scraped by on that because of the drop rate. The building was nice too.

03-17-17, 04:58 AM
Still so disappointed about missing out on the Wisteria House!! 😭
Really hope it appears for sale in the market sometime in the future.

First event ever I didnt finish 😡 ...
Despite constant playing I couldn't spawn enough swamp monsters.
Only got to LVL9 and no Swampcat. 😔
Have decided that if I ever save up enough extra gems I'll upgrade the Lily Pond to LVL10 manually.
No point doing that til we get more expansions anyway cause my kingdom is full.

03-17-17, 05:44 AM
I could not complete, first time this happened.

03-17-17, 08:14 AM
I did not finish but was very limited because a close friend was in intensive care in the hospital. Life happens and priority goes to things in reality.

03-17-17, 06:00 PM
Have yet to finish an event

04-04-17, 10:39 PM
Nope. Used to finish all. Lately I've had to decide whether the prize is worth the effort. Before I used to just want it all. Lol. Now; events are too time consuming...impacts "real life" "events".

04-08-17, 12:02 PM
I finished it, but I didn't get a swamp kitty. I didn't want another cat but I wanted the frog so I set timers. The frog is now safely in my inventory because I don't have the space for it. I wish storm8 would let us store our unchopped trees, I always have trees on hand, but I would LOVE to be able to store my trees so I have more room for other things!!!