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02-09-17, 03:38 AM
Android user here, lately I have been experiencing crashes and slow motion on my Note. Also, when I try to respond to a message on my wall, I can't open my neighbors' walls to reply. What's up? (and yes, I've tried restarting, deleting/getting game again). Very frustrating

02-09-17, 06:52 PM
Please follow the advice in the Game Crashing sticky thread. There have been other reports about the same issue with the Samsung Note devices. It's (unfortunately) the device. To maximise performance, make sure you've force closed your apps, turn your device off/on regularly and make sure your device memory is high. Deleting the game doesn't tend to make much difference, but it's good you've tried it.

You can also make sure what's on your board isn't hindering. Try storing any unnecessary items (deco, walls, roads) to see if that helps. That's what I did to get back into my game. Also, with your neighbours, if there kingdoms are 'busy', then the items won't load and it will crash your game. No fix for that...