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02-05-17, 12:08 PM

I've got a new phone but Candy Blast Mania didn't synchronize with it. I had to start from level 1, although I was at Level 525 on my old phone. And I have a new Storm8-ID.
So what... I started again.
On my new phone, Candy Blast Mania always crashes. I have to restart my phone. Sometimes two times, untill I can start the game. And I am not able to collect Taffy tickets. Although I am at level 106. I have deinstalled and installed the game, but same result.

How can I synchronize my levels from my old phone? And how can I collect Taffy Tickets? They were not offered.

I hope, someone can help me.

02-05-17, 08:31 PM
You can use the Login feature to transfer your Storm8 ID and all Storm8 games over to your new device. Please see the instructions on post 1 of the New Logon on Feature (https://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?59955-iOS-New-Login-feature-in-Restaurant-Story!-(login-applies-to-all-games)&p=759602&viewfull=1#post759602) thread.

If you have issues transferring your games, you can contact Storm8 Support: https://support.storm8.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and they can transfer your games.

If you are selling or giving away your old device, it is recommended that you contact Support and ask them to remove your Storm8 ID and games tagged to that device.

02-07-17, 01:36 PM
I am logged in with Google Play. I use an Android-Phone. Collecting Taffy tickets will be able with my old levels (524). But I have to start from the beginning. I've contacted Storm8 to transfer my Account. But no answer yet.
And I have two different Storm8-IDs...


02-07-17, 10:01 PM
Support generally takes 5-7 business days to revert. Please wait a little while and continue to work with Support on this. :)