View Full Version : Add Me: Farm Story 2: January/February/March 2017

12-29-16, 09:08 PM
Warmest welcome to Farm Story 2! :D:D

Looking for active neighbours?

Post your Storm8 ID here. Only one post per ID please.

01-18-17, 08:34 AM
rsackett pls add

02-06-17, 10:24 AM
My storm8 ID is: hungrymoo

02-13-17, 11:13 AM
Please add me I play daily, help those wIth goals and gift to those how gift to me cuz it's only fair... my storm is is Marii73

02-13-17, 11:35 AM
Add me please - RainbowConnection1998

02-18-17, 06:10 PM
ID: omgsounique

Also play Bakey Story 2 and Restaurant Story 2

03-22-17, 05:52 AM
I'll add you all guys but please add me also. Here is my ID: RayzelleAi
Thank you :)

03-22-17, 03:58 PM
I am a daily player but a little late to the game. I am level 31 and wanting to upgrade fast and find players who will send mystery packages and help. My is jdlue and my farm is maple ridge 777. I appreciate any help you will give me, including tips on how to upgrade fast!