View Full Version : Habitat Sale In Market - December 22, 2016

12-22-16, 10:14 AM
Tons of Habitats on sale all have the same stats in common:

Dragon Capacity: 4
Coin Capacity: 10,000
Sale Price: 250 Gold
Sells for: 7,800 Coins
Exp Gained: 2,000
Build Time: None

Jungle Temple
Dark Prime Prison
Wall of Wonder
Lunar Landing
River of Life
Hula Island
Dragon Forge
Voyage Valley
Winner's Plaza
Cloud Castle
New World
Falling Sky
Arcane Circle
Petal Plateau
Wondrous World
Bright Bazaar
Interstellar Gateway

12-22-16, 11:12 AM
Guess these went into the Market mistakenly or prematurely. Will add info and update when it all gets straightened out!

12-22-16, 11:14 AM
They were there yesterday also. As in, nearly 24 hours ago.