View Full Version : I would pay Gems for...

12-16-16, 07:06 PM
To the game developers, the only things that matter are the number of players and the profit from people who purchase items. I am one of those players who will drop $10 here and there on a game I enjoy. I have been playing this game for almost a year, and have spent probably $100 total. I am now at max level 45, and have unlocked everything.

I would pay gems for the ability to get unlimited supply for x hours on certain items. Like 10 gems for 4 hours for unlimited milk.

I would pay gems for appliance storage space. You could make it a magic pantry, and each space costs 10 gems to unlock. Some events could give free unlocks as a reward. My restaurant is a hodgepodge completely undecorated mess. I purchased designer appliances, but cannot store them now that they are mostly unnecessary.Why would I spend gems to decorate when all I see are empty boxes blocking any decor I might have?

Okay, those are my big two. For what would you be willing to pay gems?