View Full Version : Is there no going past level 45? What about neighbours?

12-12-16, 10:44 PM
I have been at level 45 for probably close to two months now, is this as high as it goes?

Also, it has said neighbours coming soon since it started. When will that actually happen?

12-13-16, 01:34 PM
actually there's a conseus that we're not in a hurry to get neighbors considering how its turned out in past games......

12-13-16, 06:06 PM
What has happened in past games? I like all of my neighbours in Bakery Story. Is it another game?

12-13-16, 07:10 PM
What has happened in past games? I like all of my neighbours in Bakery Story. Is it another game?

Are your questions in Post 1 for Bakery Story (original) or Bakery Story 2? These are 2 different games.

(By the way this is Bakery Story 2 forum)

12-14-16, 11:12 AM
45 is currently the highest level available in Bakery Story 2. While we can't speculate on future releases of new levels or new features, we'll make sure to pass along your interest to our team.

12-15-16, 02:39 AM
Original question is about Bakery Story 2, on 1 I know it does not go higher than 99, but 45 was such a small level I was curious why it wasn't going higher. I figured at least 99 again. But, I never had issues with neighbours on 1 so curious when they will happen on 2.

12-15-16, 02:42 AM
That would be great, thanks! You have potential to do a sea supply store on the water, too 😊 In case you want to pass that along as well.

03-25-17, 11:31 PM
if you want to see what I was talking about just look in the add me threads of baking and restaurant story one ..... some tend to be rather demanding and rude if you end up not being able to meet their qualifications ..... we don't want that here .... if they do add gifts and such let it be like restaurant story 2 where what you gift is random .....

03-26-17, 08:36 AM
There's no consensus that we don't want neighbors! I and others as well would love to see the neighbor feature finally finished!