View Full Version : A Few Changes that Should be Made

12-01-16, 10:35 AM
It seems most people are really unhappy with this game, especially right now when it's time for the Holiday's and we're getting a Roller Rink update *rolls eyes.* But since I've been seeing all of the complaints from everyone it got me thinking about how I would like to see the game changed and improved, so I will list some of the suggestions I came up with below.

Goals/Updates -- as of now, this is the biggest issue that I believe everyone can agree on. We're all looking forward to Christmas/winter goals and updates but we get a Roller Rink goal, really? Even RS got a winter update. And the newer people aren't benefiting from it at all because they barely have anything to decorate for Christmas with while the older players have a bunch of lovely Christmas items. My bakery is still decorated for Fall because I don't have any Christmas items to decorate for Christmas and it's actually driving me kinda nuts.

Gems -- Some of us always had gem videos and some of us never had them and those of us who had them don't have them anymore and it's actually really annoying because as a 19 year old college student I loved being able to get 3 free gems every 24 hours, so I didn't have to spend the money I don't have on gems. Honestly, I think this option should be available to all players so if they don't or can't spend their money on gems they can still get gems to buy gem-heavy items. Mastering recipes takes too long and it'll take forever for new players. And yes I know, it's the way S8 makes money, but I know people would still be spending $99 on gems just because that's how it always ends up.

Selling Items -- Okay, WHY can't we sell wallpaper and floor tiles? It honestly doesn't make sense. I just think we should be able to sell them cause there's wallpaper and flooring I know I will never use again and it's cash I could be getting back. Also, I think we should be able to sell gifts, I mean who doesn't have Wax Parchment times a gazillion stacked up in their gift inventory never to be touched? I know I do.

Inventory -- Sometimes when you're decorating (I've noticed this with tables, chairs, wall, and floor decor) that when you place an item your inventory will go all the way back to the beginning and then you will have to scroll through everything each time and it's super annoying especially if you're placing a lot of tables and chairs. FIX THIS

Neighborhood/Friends -- I think we should be able to visit a bakery without having to add them if we only know their S8 ID. Like when you're looking though the forums and see a bakery you'd like to visit you have to add them and then if they aren't taking neighbors is irritating for them cause they're getting requests they don't want. Maybe there should be an option to add as friend or just to visit their bakery when entering their ID into the box. And also, can we please be able to delete our own messages on other people's walls because idk how many time's I've had an autocorrect and then had to post another message and be like "oops sorry, autocorrect" and retype the whole message.

Pop-up Ads -- I think this one speaks for itself, they're just incredible annoying and I'm pretty sure everyone hates when they're in the middle of playing and BAM huge ad pops up... yeah, take them away.

App Update -- when you go on the App Store and search the app and read the info, you can see it hasn't been updated since September of 2015, so maybe that's why it's doing all of the little annoying things, not to mention how slow it runs sometimes.

These are just a few things I though of and how I think S8 could improve the game to make everyone happier. If S8 has this forum here to get feedback from those who play their game, I hope they will actually listen and fix some of these annoyances/issues.