View Full Version : 4 hour timer bonus... missing...

11-17-16, 03:53 PM
When I logged in the game the previous time about 10 hours ago, I checked the community event and the last prize (4 hour timer) was really close. My estimation was that it could be reached in an hour or two. But since it was a bit over midnight in my area, I couldn't wait for it and left if for the morning.

In the morning I got only 30 minutes bonus and I didn't get this 4 hour prize.

So there are 3 options:

1. The community stopped playing the game a few hours before the end and the prize wasn't reached. I cannot believe in it.

2. The last prize isn't available for certain time zones where people have no option but to play at 1 a.m, 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. to catch the exact moment of reaching the prize. I cannot believe in it either, that's too cruel of Storm8.

3. There's some bug that prevents me from getting this community prize. Can you check it please?