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11-13-16, 11:38 AM
Having problems with this bakery story 2 keeps closing when I try and buy something it closes I down load it on my other phone same thing please fix until then I'm uninstalling

11-14-16, 04:55 AM
Sorry to hear that. Please contact Support: support form (http://support.storm8.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) so an agent can check your game.

10-31-17, 08:15 PM
���� Hi there started this BS2 game on my iPhone and when it kept freezing when I tap on game setting icon(music will keep on playing but game totally frozen) I decided to download it on my iPad.
Are u guys aware that the invitation from Sam drops only every once every 8 days in iPhone but about every 2-3 days in my BS2 game in my IPad? QThe game requires that invitation on so many things yet it doesn’t even drop consistently once a day. I like the game but the progress is very slow because the bulk of the game is relying on items randomly dropped and not consistently daily, items that u can’t even accessed becomes part of a goals, then u have items u can’t use yet that becomes available like brown sugar, peaches etc. Special ingredients are required to complete goals but special ingredients require keys that u can get only one a day IF goal is done. The game is rigged to make it hard to complete goals without using gems.Expansion, increasing stock, increasing storage all require massive items that at the most only drops 1 a day.
I purchased gems to see if it’ll keep my interest if I get a little gem help (increase pantry, get ingredients etc) but it’s quite hard to keep interest when playing is dependent on item randomly drops and very rarely drops. It’ll be nice to tease players a lil bit and get them excited by having a reliable drop of items and they can plan where to use it for example invitation, shelf, bricks guaranteed dropping once a day.

Do programmers of game test this game by actually playing it like regular players? because they should have noticed how slow progress is when ALL items needed are randomly dropped. Every 8 days for an invitation is a bit slow especially if it’s a requirement for mostly everything u need to upgrade