View Full Version : Everything is pink

11-12-16, 05:32 AM
Am I the only one who sees almost everything covered in pink since last night? It is like there is a pink layer over the entire city.

11-12-16, 09:05 AM
So after reinstalling the game twice, it seems that the pink layer over the city is gone! I hope it stays away! ;)

kooky panda
11-12-16, 02:20 PM
Oh good! Glad this has been resolved. :)

11-14-16, 06:25 PM
Weird but everything is pink again and, yet, all was fine about 15 minutes before... I'll try to reinstall again but S8 should look into it so it won't happen again... we did have some pink over the lighthouse a few weeks back, and then the black at the start of the Halloween event.

11-14-16, 06:46 PM
Mmmmm not sure why your city is painted pink. Mine is normal. Can you post a screenshot of it and I'll help to check? Did it turn pink when you entered game or mid way while playing?

11-17-16, 05:08 PM
@izzyiza - Can you update your game to latest version 1.2.92 or 1.2.95? It solved the pink screen for another player.
Please let me know if it works for you.

By the way your new 1.2.92 update solved a lot of bugs like pink screen. Thx.
(Thanks Jackstrap5)