View Full Version : Since update - money changed?

11-07-16, 12:51 AM
Hello, since the update yesterday, my money (coins) has changed and also the cost of ovens has had a zero added to the end, so instead of items costing say 312000, now showing as 3120000.

Please other people check aswell

11-07-16, 02:39 AM
Wish I have your game haha. :) No change for mine. Can you post a screenshot? Perhaps you can reinstall your game and see if it works?

11-07-16, 03:56 AM
Here it is IMG_5715.png

Image screenshot will not upload from iPad, I have tried lots of times says image upload failed


11-07-16, 06:08 AM
Hi neoreef. Thanks for the pic. :) My appliances cost the same as yours. Do you remember if they were less in your game? The cost of the Ice Cream Maker has been in millions for me.