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10-22-16, 02:22 PM
I do not have the event on my android phone only on my IPad. I have tried numerous times to see if there was a new version on play store. other neighbors who have android are able to play. Please help me. Thank you.

ID. eagles615
level 50

Samsung Galaxy 4 phone

10-22-16, 06:32 PM
someone posted a diff version no for android in the main thread. Search Halloween Castle Story... ?

10-22-16, 08:45 PM
I tried numerous times on the play store for android and cannot find it.

10-22-16, 11:19 PM
I'll ask for some help in the main thread for you. :) I'm sure someone will be able to offer you advice soon.... hold tight.

10-22-16, 11:44 PM
I use an Apple device but I have an Android tablet. I went to the Play Store, searched for Castle Story and installed it. When I opened it, it said Castle Story Halloween. The icon on desktop also says just Castle Story but it is the latest version.

The confusion may be if you're looking specifically for Halloween in the title. It doesn't say 'Halloween' version until you get to the splash screen at startup.

10-23-16, 01:03 AM
I play on Android, and mine updated automatically.

If I go to the play store and search castle story, it says I have the standard version installed - castle story 4.0. But my current version is all halloweeny. It shows in the apps list as v

The best advice I can give is to go to your apps (settings, the gear icon - apps, under device - find castle story, alphabetically) and uninstall it. You won't lose anything as your account and all you've done is stored on S8's servers. Then go back to the play store, search castle story and install the standard version from fresh.

It's a bit scary for a few minutes, as all the images are deleted from your cache, so your Kingdom looks empty while they all redownload (do this on WiFi if possible!) but has sorted the odd few problems I've had.

Good luck.

10-23-16, 02:21 AM
I had to update my android version a couple of weeks ago after the pirate event to fix a bug in the menus. It's version but it offered me the chance to update again when I checked today, so as long as it's compatible with your version of android you should be fine. I am running android 5.0.2. I see three castle story versions in the play store - if you do too just choose the one that just says Castle Story, not Desert Nights or Winter. Good luck.

10-23-16, 06:11 AM
This is the version you need. An update came out within the last week, so be sure to make sure you have it installed.


10-23-16, 06:25 PM
Thanks you guys are awesome