View Full Version : Decorations and Recipe Plaques

10-20-16, 05:01 PM
1) Please, PLEASE, have more floor and wall decorations. I love being able to change both, especially around certain holidays but it just never feels like there's much in the way of options

2) PLLLEEAASSSSEE make it so that we can delete our plaques once we've mastered a recipe. I never put them up on my walls and now have so many of them in my inventory that I'll never use that take up so much space when scrolling.

10-21-16, 06:10 AM
Yes I agree the plaques are annoying!! Many other people have suggested that something else be done with the plaques but of course it just gets ignored. The plaques are the reason I never redecorate my restaurant because they clog up the decor tab and it takes forever to scroll through them all.