View Full Version : Can't send gifts

10-15-16, 05:10 AM

The last few weeks I have issues with sending gifts to my neighbors. When I choose all my neighbors and try to send the gifts it says that 63 of my neighbors (I have 65 in total) didn't receive it because I've already sent them gifts or they've reached the limit for receiving gifts. And this repeats every day for the last few weeks. Therefore i can't receive back gifts.

My storm ID is IndianGirlBg

10-15-16, 11:17 AM
You can only send 3 gifts per day so I'd pick 3 nbrs only. You can receive many more than 3 but can only send out 3 a day.

Sometimes you'll get that message if they are at the max for that particular item. You can try a different gift if you want. I'm usually maxed on all the gifts so I'm sure many high level players are as well.

10-15-16, 02:16 PM
Thank you, that explains the problem. Thank you very much.