View Full Version : New Halloween Update v 1.2.2 Bug

10-14-16, 10:52 AM
I saw the Halloween event that started yesterday but this is what it looked like.

When the game loads, there is a blurred layer above the game that I cannot start playing. I believe this is due to the initial Halloween event popup, except I don't see that information which means I don't see the close button either.

When I drag around, you can see the timers move around, but nothing happens.33993

The only way I can get out of this is to click on the event timer at the bottom left, next to the FB button. This opens the Halloween popup with the close button. 33990

Then when I close that, I can finally play the game. But as you can see here and in the above screenshots, my images aren't displaying fully. I don't see the game items nor the candy when it drops from a completed order or a citizen. I don't see the new buildings, Promenade Point or the Mausoleum, either.33991

So then I saw that there was a new updated version out for Dream City. Thinking that this new update will fix these issues, I updated to v1.2.2 but it's the same. These screenshots are taken in v1.2.2.

I'm playing on iPhone 6s Plus, iOS9.1.

10-14-16, 11:01 AM
Sorry to hear that! Could you try uninstalling/reinstalling to see if that will fix the issue?

10-14-16, 11:53 AM
I just tried. It's still happening.

10-14-16, 02:24 PM
Sorry to hear that. Please write into support@storm8.com and PM me the ticket number. I'll have one of our support agents help assist you with some additional troubleshooting.